Hello World!

Hi, I'm Deshawn Nelson, a New York-based, Freelance Web Developer/Designer, IT Technician & Graphic Designer.

This website is... well, I wanted to make a porfolio page, that I could bounce some ideas on, but I also wanted it to be easily shared, And what better way to do that other than host a website for just that?

Thanks to Neocities, I can do this.

And while this page may be empty and pretty barebones, I plan on adding more and more content with the space I've got, so without further ado, I give you my portfolio.

Here's my Javascript Testing Area for things that I'm toying with, either for liesure or for use in a larger project.

Here's a Pokemon Mockup page I made on a whim after auditing the codecademy HTML course. Its a bit basic but I had plans on adding a functioning pokedex and adding animated sprites, but that's a bit javascript heavy for me at the moment.