This is my JavaScript playground page

What that means is, here is the place that I'll bounce Ideas around and play with concepts.

This page can be used as a portfolio or testament of my skill in javascript, if necessary.

Date & Time

Here, is a Javascript function I wrote to tell time.

It displays the current Year, Month, Day, and Time (down to the second)

Not incredibly impressive, but its a good start for this page, nevertheless.

Square Builder

Here, I've created a script that creates a square the size of the user input values.

And next to that is a button that will turn your square into a perfect circle.

After you've built a square you can click the button again to remove the square, and once more to make a new square!
And Likewise, you can press the Square2Circle button again to turn your circle back into a square.

NYC Sales Tax Calculator

I'm a New Yorker, so I'm at the mercy of that 8 percent sales tax on just about every transaction.
And in the regular day to day, I don't have time to really sit there and count the tax in my head so I decided to program a tax calculator,
I've done this several times, as a C++ program, trying to turn it into a functioning smartphone app, but here's the Javascript version.

You can click the above button to see what the cost of an item is if you, like me, are shopping in the big apple.

But if you aren't a New yorker, don't even fret, the button below has you covered

It functions fundamentally the same way the NYC Tax calculator does, the difference being, you provide your own sales tax.